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What is Global Startup Weekend AI (GSWAI)?

SWAI Montreal 2017

GSWAI is a global volunteer-led initiative that started in Paris in 2016 it went global in 2017 to make artificial intelligence technologies more spread world wide, more diverse, inclusive, and impactful by removing barriers. We are boosting and connecting SW communities everywhere to organize their own SWAI and empower their ecosystems to tackle AI.

Tens of volunteer organisers are helping their local communities in emerging and developed countries to embrace their inner entrepreneur, and adopt new AI technologies to reply to world challenges.

Get involved

3 incredible ways to get involved


Be part of a plural community, connect with other AI actors, share knowledge and transfer skills
Forget boundaries, participate to the AI Renaissance, spread innovation and break challenges worldwide
Bridge the gap between AI research world and business ecosystem, transform AI in a applied world!
Get access to resources and connections such as pre-event workshops, remote mentoring, and live sessions with global communities!
Test your ideas, skills, and passion in a safe and supported environment
Winning teams during GSW will receive exclusive prizes and perks!


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