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Behind the scenes

Main team

Laura Calmore

Lucia Cardenas

Cristian Perez


Melissa Jun Rowley

Felix Wong


Mike Reiner Co-founder of CITY.AI, GSWAI Coach
“The problem with the AI space is that there is too much hype and too little collaboration in terms of sharing lessons learned. It’s time to zoom into the business value of AI, be transparent about the downsides and push relevant change”.

Christoph Auer-Welsbach Co-founder of CITY.AI, GSWAI Partner
“There is an incredible opportunity here, but AI is not a solution in itself. We forget thats its people who are shaping our future and we need a global community to enable more cross border sharing and collaboration.”

Laura Calmore Initiator of Global Startup Weekend AI
“GSWAI is a way of trying to bridge the gap between rich nations, emerging markets, and less developed countries, with the help of AI & new technologies, a way to make sure we don’t increase the chasm between the technology elites and the rest of the population.”